Gaia Story
The Ten Element

Download Gaia Story, does it interest you ?
Here you'll find all you need to play at this wonderfull game ! :P

If you want to play, you have to possess the RTP.
RTP is very big (13,98 Mo) but when you possess it, you don't have to download it one more time for playing at another demo of Gaia Story or another game made with RPG Maker 2003.
RTPmu.exe - 13,98 Mo

The last demo !
You can download the second demo, the last demo. However, you'll need a map that you must replace in the game file after the installation, in order to repair a bug.
Demo N°2
Map without bug

The first demo of Gaia Story.
The first demo of the game made by Streifer and come out quickly after he thought at the project. It reminds us of wonderful happenings... =D
Demo Version 1.00

RPG Maker 2003
Indeed, we do it ! We are so nice that we allow you to download that programme ! Gaia Story is made with it... Enjoy yourself !
RM2K3v105EN.exe - 2,35 Mo

Zik et Gifs
To have the .zip files of Gif and of the Original Sountrack from Gaia Story, click over the links below !
Musics from GS
Gifs from GS

Don't forget ! The third demo will be soon on this page !