Gaia Story
The Ten Element

Here there are some screenshots from Gaia Story !
Don' forget : some of them can be seen bigger when you click over.

Magalie's Lair

Title Screen (1)

The Scenarists

The Testors


Legend (1)

Legend (2)

Legend (3)

Legend (4)

Strybjorn and his soldiers in Shivos

Strybjorn require a report

Undeads are seen

The soldiers are traped

Strybjorn fights alone with undeads

Strybjorn is the best !

A strange man in the castle

Strybjorn vs Streifer, the battle of Gods

Streifer, a great heartenned man...

The Streifer strength is incredible...

Strybjorn had perished.

Title Screen (2)

Gyna can't sleep

Gyna, hurry up ! You will have a long journey !

The undergrounds are frightenning...