Gaia Story
The Ten Element

Gaia Story
The Ten Element
Name : Gaia Story
Maker : Streifer Colineary
Date of Creation : Beginning 2003
Date of the last Coming out : Beginning 2004
Playable on PC and Mac
Size : 17 Mo with the RTP
3 Mo without

Where do Gaia Story comes from ?
Er...hum... Good Question ! First of all, Gaia, it's a french discussion board made by Ezboard and managed by Gyna VelvetyStar. Really well-known, this forum speak of subjects like cinema, music, videogames, books (Mangas or Comics) and lot of other one !
Some parts are reserved for flood and some others for discussions more serious in order to have an atmosphere still nice between the members...

Suddenly, strangely and unexpectedly, Streifer claims he is making a RPG with members of this forum as heroes and lot of them were ravished and diverted by this interesting project which was Gaia Story.
Since this happening, all the things were done very quickly : the website opened, the topics about the RPG grew on the forum and a special part was made too, the first screenshots were showed and, a little less of a month later, we could download the first demo version.

Adorned by the publication of the new version of the programme RPG Maker, RPG Maker 2003, Gaia Story become more enjoyable and beautiful by having particulary a battle system relative to the Final Fantasy.

That is it interesting in this game (and that may amaze anyone), it's the expressions said by the members of the forum and taken back by the heroes of the game. And so you'll be able to perceive a Lina in love, a synthetical Minok, a DarkLord full of hatred and a Streifer without any sense of humour (lol he's gonna kill me) in order to refine their charisma.

Therefore, Gaia Story is a RPG which seems to be promising.
Streifer still works hard over it and especially over the third demo version wich will be finished soon in order to make you have an opinion over this wonderful project ! :P